UNRESP is a research project working on building resilience to an environmental pollution hazard caused by persistent volcanic emissions. The volcanic emissions are termed vumo.

UNRESP is working on Masaya volcano in Nicaragua, one of the biggest volcanic polluters in the world. Very little is known about the dispersion and levels of the air pollution caused by the vumo, and there no established procedures for communicating the vumo hazard between the local authorities and the public.

People in communities near Masaya have had to adapt to the challenges of living with the vumo. This short film tells their story.

UNRESP seeks to develop public advisories for events during which air pollution caused by vumo reaches hazardous levels, through a collaboration between environmental sciencessocial sciencesarts & humanities, and public health

We work closely with the Nicaraguan Natural Hazards Observatory INETER, and the National Organisation for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation SINAPRED

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