The role of the artist initially explored techniques to communicate the plume prediction model designed by the UNRESP team to multiple audiences, including the local population of El Panama, a community based at the foot of the Masaya volcano.

Using a 3D printed model of the Masaya volcano and surrounding area, we utilised projection mapped videos of the volcanic plume’s location over google earth images. Through experiential storytelling techniques, we connected El Panama’s location, with the date, time to communicate the location of the plume and meaningful impacts on the population and agriculture.

As the research develops, the role of the artist has evolved into co-designing cultural strategies; techniques and methodologies for meaningful, mass engagement and dissemination.  Working alongside co-investigators and others collaborators from the artistic and creative communities to develop novel funding strategies. The role also reflects and observes the nature of interdisciplinary collaborative practice between the diverse team including the local Nicaraguan community.

The featured image is from UNRESP open day in the community of El Panama and shows children interacting with an animation of vumo projected a 3D model of Masaya volcano

Art work is led by 

Dave LynchUniversity of Leeds